The American Songbook

I really like singing numbers from the American Songbook or Great American Songbook as it's also known. Some people get confused as to what it really is so let's answer the question:

What is the Great American Songbook?

"The years from about 1920 to 1960 represented a unique period in the history of American popular music. It was a period that saw the advent of a new type of songwriting, utterly original in some respects, but grounded in the simple structures of the Tin Pan Alley era that had preceded it, and strongly influenced by the nascent musical form known as Jazz (and by jazz’s precursors, ragtime and blues).

Mostly composed for Broadway shows and Hollywood musicals, picked up and performed by singers and musicians of every variety, recorded on disk and broadcast on radio, this songwriting style quickly won the favor of the mass listening audience."

Max Morath
National Public Radio
Curious Listener’s Guide of America

There's a good short history on Wikepedia.

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